Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take insurance?

We do not accept insurance to cover services. Accepted payments are check/credit card and Health Savings Account debit cards. 

How do I book an appointment?

All appointments are booked through our website. Once you select an appointment, you submit payment through our secure site to finalize appointment.

Can services be provided via phone and video?

Yes most of our services can be provided via phone and video. We have these options available to increase accessibility and convenience to our services.

I do not live in the Oakland/SF Bay Area, can I still receive services?

Yes, most of our services can be provided via phone or video to those living anywhere in the state of California.

I want a psychological evaluation, why do I need a consultation first?

To assure that Your Therapy Now is able to provide you with the appropriate psychological testing, it is essential that we briefly consult with you around your needs before booking an appointment. Once the consultation is complete, we provide recommendations on the necessary tests, cost for evaluation and discuss scheduling. 

What are other resources that Your Therapy Now provides?

We have a free online show called "Be Well" where we share practical skills to help build and sustain a life full of peace, joy and wellness. To see our shows, visit our Facebook page or subscribe to our You Tube channel.